Americas Region - Application instructions

These instructions address potential test centers located in North, South and Latin America.

1. Review requirements

Make sure you read the following three documents to ensure your environment qualifies:

2. Gather contact information

Be prepared with email addresses and phone numbers for:

  • Agreement contact - the individual authorized to sign agreements on behalf of your company
  • Technical contact - the individual who will install and support the Pearson VUE system
  • Administrator contact - the individual responsible for monitoring and assisting during testing

3. Fill out the application

Option 1: Submit the full application. If you have all of your information gathered, including the photographs or videos, go ahead and submit the full application.

Option 2: Submit application in two parts. You can submit the application initially without the photographs or videos. Just make sure to save your confirmation email. It will contain a link for you to use to submit them when ready. Do not change any of the information you provided initially as it could delay processing. To change something on the initial submission, contact us directly.

Note: If you are interested in delivering CompTIA exams and are in China, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, or Thailand there are additional requirements that must be met. Please indicate that you are interested in CompTIA exams on your application and your Channel Representative will contact you with more details.


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